Digital Marketing Class

The Digital Marketing Class at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, a unit of the Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise, provides students with hands-on experience in creating, executing, and analyzing digital and online marketing campaigns.

Through a combination of lectures, guest lectures, workshops and a team project, the course enhances students’ understanding of  and ability to compete in the digital space. In this constantly changing global business environment, it is essential to connect with customers in new, innovative, and experiential ways. Whether you are in B2B or B2C, this class will provide you with the skills and knowledge to turn digital marketing into your competitive advantage.



Sarah Irby – Associate Marketing Manager at Mattel

“Digital Marketing provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, execute and analyze online campaigns. Using these new skills, I was able to design an online blog, provide digital marketing consultations for local entrepreneurs, and ultimately land a marketing job with a Fortune 100 company”


BernardBernard Matron – Global Digital Marketing at Domino’s

“I’m applying many of the things we learned in class (SEO, paid search, Google Analytics, etc)”. Digital is the future and the people that have that knowledge will never be out of a job. Now that I’m in the “real” world I’ve noticed that.”


HenryHenry Ebarb II – Account Manager at ZOG Digital

“Employers frequently claim that students are not acquiring the skills that are necessary to be successful in a job. While much of the course work at Thunderbird gave me incredible insight and overall knowledge of the business world, none gave me the sort of insight and technical knowledge that Professor Downhill’s digital marketing course did. The program is an in-depth study of the tools used by search engines marketers, the analytics programs that drive online decision making for SMBs and Fortune 500s alike, as well as the methods for building a truly impactful digital brand. More than any other class in my time at Thunderbird, this stands out as the most useful and impactful for my career path. Every student should take this class regardless of their career field, as digital technologies are becoming more ubiquitous in purpose and impact.”

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